Dessert Is On Us
"Hope You Have A Sweet Tooth"

We talk about the kind of desserts we like then decide it would be a good idea to make our slaves have the same desires for pudding as us and how much better is it going to taste off of our feet?!

We pour chocolate sauce, golden syrup and cream over each other's legs and onto our feet, we smudge the mess into the floor beneath our toes. We make you watch as it trickles down our legs, over our feet and onto the floor.

The first 2 ingredients are super cold but I am sure your warm tongue will rectify that. The golden syrup feels much nicer as it covers our skin from the knees down. We love it and you are going to too!

A special messy mixture that we can't wait to get your face into... see it ooze between our toes, we can't wait to see you lick up every last drop. So come on slave, don't keep us waiting--your dessert is served!

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