Shopping List Competition
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"Here's Your Winnings!"

Kirsty has won a competition to replace her monthly shop items but she didn't read the small print and has found herself on our live show and has now come to the realisation that instead of going home with her food items she is in fact going to be wearing them!

I think she may have won because she had the biggest shopping list--I hope the producer told her to bring a change of outfit or it could be an embarrassing trip home.

So, Kirsty is looking all smart in her mesh top, glitzy shrug, studded denim skirt and black heels but that doesn't last for long as she gets completely trashed with sweet and savoury ingredients.

The first item is a can of smelly sardines that get stuck in her panties, followed by coconut oil smeared on her face, multiple flavoured sauces that ooze all down her face and into her lap, lashings of custard, treacle, golden syrup, a cascade of flour and icing sugar, a topping of hundreds and thousands, mango pulp and more with a final topping of slimy eggs cracked over her head.

Looks like our social media has been going crazy and people are asking for Kirsty to come back and get messed up more--maybe we will have to invite her along and give her a themed shopping list now that we have already tricked her with our cheeky little competition!

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