Pudding Scenes
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Dress--End of Days
Added 12/13/18    3486 views
Melody is about to say goodbye to her frilly pink dress. She has 2 flan case pies lobbed at her and then another 2 double mushed into her face. Then 2 tubs of whipping cream are poured over the top of her head and down the front of her dress by her...
Dessert Is On Us
Added 9/11/18    2091 views
We talk about the kind of desserts we like then decide it would be a good idea to make our slaves have the same desires for pudding as us and how much better is it going to taste off of our feet?! We pour chocolate sauce, golden syrup and cream over...
Mess the Dress
Added 5/12/18    4584 views
Melody is initiated with 2 generous pies to the face followed by some rather potent tomato and basil soup, 2 pots of custard, 2 cans of rice pudding and a mixture of single and double cream. All poured over her head and down her pink and frilly dress...
Beans Boy Busted
Added 2/12/18    2411 views
Beans Boy (who is rather aptly named) finds himself in a paddling pool expecting to be playing some kind of drinking game but he is in for a surprise when he is accused of stealing food from the cupboard. In fact not just one or 2 items but a whole m...
Sticky Scarlet Lives Up to Her Name!
Added 3/29/12    7452 views    1
This is the first time sub Sticky Scarlet has been filmed being sploshed. She has the contents of the kitchen cupboard tipped over her head and down the front of her pretty pink dress as she sits in the bathtub. Starting with a big squeezy tube of...

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